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Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Duesseldorf area.

Duesseldorf’s Altstadt, the old section on the east bank, is a dense array of cafes and small shops on narrow, winding cobblestone streets, offering everything needed by the visitor and resident alike. Cars seem out of place here, bicycles and foot traffic more appropriate, in the cozy density of shops with their slow, friendly pace. Further east, the shops are more contemporary and exclusive, the roadways and architecture more contemporary and familiar. The left bank of Duesseldorf is the busier, commercial section of town. Common to both banks are the many riverfront parks and walkways where the unusual cleanliness of a city with so much commerce and industry is particularly apparent. Though Duesseldorf needs no other features to attract visitors and residents, the Rhine wine vineyards also happen to flourish in this area, and the restaurants and cafes are perfect places to sample the best wines of the region. Liebfraumilch is world famous, and the blends with the greatest integrity and quality are found here.

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· Duesseldorf Airport · Downtown Duesseldorf
Lodging located near Duesseldorf International Airport (DUS) including the areas of Kaarst, Ratingen and Nuess. Lodging options located in Duesseldorf's City Center near the Opera House, Playhouse, Art Gallery and other points of interest.
· Duesseldorf · Essen
Lodging located in the greater Duesseldorf area. Lodging options north of city center including the areas of Essen, Duisburg, Mulheim, Kettwig and Oberhausen.
· Surrounding Communities
Lodging located in surrounding communities including Bochum, Krefeld, Langenfeld, Ruhr, Solingen, Velbert, Wuppertal and Cologne.

Area Facts: The town of Duesseldorf began as a fishing village in the 600s, and despite its almost total destruction in World War II, is now the wealthiest and third largest city in Germany, with over a half-million residents. The international area code for Germany is 49.

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